UP10TION: Going Crazy Review

Mixed feelings about this one. I’ve enjoyed many of UP10TION’s past releases, but never loved any of them. That’s kind of where I’m sitting right now with “Going Crazy.” In my mind, the song is divided in two very distinct categories: the hook, and anything that wasn’t the hook. I loved anything that wasn’t the hook. The chorus, though, well: it was a disappointment.

The verses are a delight. First of all, I was really feeling the rhythm, which situates itself comfortably in between dancy and laid-back without ever becoming dull. It’s also worth mentioning how the production lets empty space be empty, instead of trying to fill it up. For example, the light keyboard chords in the first verse and the understated twang of a guitar in the second provide perfectly subtle support for the melody without obscuring it, as more electronic sounds may have. There’s also a brilliant moment leading up to the chorus where low-tone rap and high-tone vocals overlap, making for an arresting buildup.

Anything interesting about the verses, however, is lost in the chorus, which introduces a boring melody and a beat that’s as vague as it is noisy. I did expect this chorus to grow on me a little with some repetition, perhaps not to the point of enjoyment but at least reaching some neutral middle ground. As you can tell, it didn’t. In fact, the “Ah-oh-eh-oh-eh-oh” became absurdly irritating after a while.

None of this is to say that UP10TION is lacking in talent. They have several very good vocalists, as well as a rapper or two with lots of potential. “Going Crazy” also brings back UP10TION’s beautiful choreography (at least…*cough* in the verses), framing it in a simple visual concept with plenty of aesthetic punch. The video is worth a watch, though the rest of the single album (there’s only one other song aside from the instrumental for “Going Crazy”) isn’t worth a listen. UP10TION has put out another decent effort with “Going Crazy,” but until they come back with a better chorus like last year’s “White Night” or “Attention,” I’ll be holding out for something more original.


GOING CRAZY: KAYBOP OR KAYFLOP? The verses really saved this one. The boppiness here just barely outweighs the floppiness.


Take a look at UP10TION’s “Going Crazy” MV here:

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