Kim Na Young: But I Must Review

It pains me to think that this invaluable gem of a single will go unnoticed by many international K-entertainment fans. Kim Na Young’s music is always unique by virtue of sheer vocal power, but her latest song, “But I Must,” has one of the most moving choruses I have heard in the entire past year of ballads. There are vocal-focus songs that make you say, “Wow, this should be an OST for a K-drama,” and then there are vocal-focus songs that make you unable to say anything. “But I Must” falls into the latter category.

The composition of the chorus is extraordinary, with a nostalgic chord progression that situates the tone of the song not in daylight or darkness, but some sweetly twilit place in between. Kim Na Young’s voice holds complete control over the dynamic, driving it forward in one line and then pulling it back in an almost identical following line. And what a voice it is! Even in the most dramatic moments, it has a soft, translucent quality to it. It’s like some almighty force of nature, like rain or wind—its touch is light, but it has the power to envelop you, to give you chills. Give this song a listen! You will not regret it. It’s perfectly suited for autumn and will have you sentimental over a regretful breakup you never even went through.


BUT I MUST: KAYBOP OR KAYFLOP? In what world would this not be a bop?


Take a look at Kim Na Young’s “But I Must” MV below:

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