IN2IT: Amazing Review

Well, new boy group IN2IT just wrote an instruction manual on how not to make a debut. “Amazing” is the driest title track I’ve heard in a while, pulling from tired trends without incorporating any spark of individuality whatsoever. The idle beat remains level throughout the song—there’s no difference in dynamic between the verses and the chorus, not if you don’t count an eventual inoculation of useless bass, which I don’t—and the tropical melody sounds like a watered-down imitation of the worst efforts we heard from 2016’s flurry of cute-concept rookies.

If the song had to sound so stagnant, then why weren’t the members themselves at least given a chance to shine? The truth is that it’s unclear from this debut whether the members actually have any talent. Let me be clear: I’m not calling them untalented, but calling out the song for hiding whatever talents they may have. Whether IN2IT possesses any vocal distinctiveness I was unable to tell, because the members’ voices are obscured by hazy harmonies or echo. While plenty of other debuts (and title tracks in general) blur out their vocalists’ tones with production, they usually at least try to make up for it by throwing in a gimmick around the middle or end—for example, a high note or a big harmony. In “Amazing” there was not a single trope to latch onto. The high-ish notes in the final chorus went nowhere. The speed rapping, if there was any at all, passed in a blink. I’ll admit that I did enjoy, to some degree, the second verse, where IN2IT’s single rapper makes a solid showing and a couple of vocalists deliver a catchy bit of sing-talking. But it ends far too fast, and either way it’s nothing that we haven’t already heard plenty of in recent K-pop.

Whether MMO Entertainment was playing it far too safe or figured they’d just rely on the boys’ visuals to pick up some fans, they haven’t managed to get IN2IT anywhere with “Amazing.” While the two other songs on “Carpe Diem” are more original than “Amazing,” neither is what I’d call stan material. I hope IN2IT comes back next time with something attention-catching, because otherwise they will definitely fall off my K-pop radar.




Take a look at IN2IT’s “Amazing” MV below:

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