Jimin (AOA): Hallelujah Review

AOA rap princess Jimin is back with a solo project in collaboration with Korean fashion magazine W Korea. Single “Hallelujah” is a jubilant celebration, full of fun from start to finish. Similarly to AOA’s younger brother group SF9’s recent title “O Sole Mio” but much more cleanly executed, “Hallelujah” takes a step or two outside of the K-pop norm to borrow from Latin trends. Even if you’re not a Jimin person, you have to admit that this song is a jam.

Surely the best thing about “Hallelujah” is its beat. It doesn’t let you rest, keeping the energy high throughout the verses and refrains without ever really cresting over the high end of mid-tempo. The repeated “Oh-oh-oh”s in the chorus might get boring if not for this driving rhythm, which is supported by strumming guitar and bombastic Latin horns. Gratifyingly, there’s no effort to turn “Hallelujah” into an electronic or house production—it sticks to a relatively acoustic Latin sound instead of confusing the listener with extraneous noises. It’s a new genre for Jimin, but her characteristic sass-laden delivery and legendary “Hey! Hey! Hey!”s anchor the song distinctly in her own style. “Hallelujah” is a success, and I look forward to seeing where this concept will take Jimin next.


HALLELUJAH: KAYBOP OR KAYFLOP? The meaning of the word “bop.”


Take a look at Jimin’s “Hallelujah” MV below:

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