LOOΠΔ Odd Eye Circle: Sweet Crazy Love Review

LOONA is shaping up to be my most anticipated debut of 2018. Unit Odd Eye Circle has come back with the excellent “Sweet Crazy Love,” which walks the line between catchy and confusing in the best way possible. I don’t always review predebut projects because I try to stay away from unofficial releases, but repackage album “Max & Match” is just too good to ignore.

My favorite thing about the R&B-influenced “Sweet Crazy Love” is the way it pushes the boundaries of acceptable rhythm play. The beat changes like lightning on the latter end of the hook, requiring that you pay attention to what’s going on, no casual listening allowed. The percussion sounds in the measured prechorus are particularly fascinating, with muffled bass hitting at unexpected times. The melody is solid as well, especially alluring in the bridges between verses and choruses. Odd Eye Circle’s vocal talents are sound (though it’s hard to distinguish individuals with the amount of production over their voices) and their dance performance in “Sweet Crazy Love” was impressive.

Look, the fact is, predebut projects are never this good. “Sweet Crazy Love” is unique in this respect. Nor, for that matter, are predebut concepts ever this involved. LOONA has been revealing members through solos and subunits for a year now, yielding some thirty songs’ worth of predebut material that’s superior to the work of some established rookies. LOONA’s intricate concept utilizes symbols such as shapes, colors, world locations, the moon, and zodiac signs to tell a “story” that takes place in an alternate universe, the Loonaverse. If you thought NCT’s or BTS’s concepts are confusing, you’ll be as lost as I am with LOONA’s. Even so, the music quality makes up for any confusion that the concept might cause. Like “Sweet Crazy Love,” the rest of the repackage album is strong and a little strange, including a remix of recent title track “Girl Front” which is just as good as the original. I can’t wait for the remaining members of LOONA to be revealed over the next few months so we can get on with what I’m sure will be a successful debut.




Take a look at LOONA Odd Eye Circle’s “Sweet Crazy Love” MV below:

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