Super Junior: One More Chance Review

Super Junior’s latest song, a music video single release preceding their November 9th comeback, gave me war flashbacks to BIGBANG’s “Last Dance” music video. “Last Dance” was in effect a goodbye song to the public ahead of member T.O.P.’s enlistment in the military and the group’s hiatus, and it shattered hearts. “One More Chance” made me feel like I did when I watched “Last Dance.” Legendary supergroup Super Junior has been focusing on individual more than group activities for some time now, but “One More Chance” felt like a breakup song in more ways than one. It’s almost like SM wanted to flush our sad feels before they dropped “Black Suit” (which looks to be an upbeat spy concept, judging from the first teaser) so that we could enjoy it without wondering “Is this the last we’ll see from Super Junior as a group?” the whole time.

“One More Chance,” in all its impossible melancholy, is really a great ballad at the end of the day. The simple, tasteful composition suits Super Junior’s voices, with Yesung’s husky vocal naturally standing out. The melody of the verses is particularly moving, especially when it climbs and then descends to land on a resoundingly sweet final note. There’s something powerful about a really sad song written with a major melody whose chords are all so colorful. It’s poignant, and SM’s songwriters know it, so here we are trying not to bawl while Super Junior sings “Just one more chance, so I can see you.”

“One More Chance” is ostensibly about a lost relationship, but it’s easy to read between the lines to see Super Junior mourning the passing of the time when their relationships with their fans, their music, and each other came before all else. “Don’t leave like the rain,” the chorus begs, “I’m drenched again today. I look for you among the wet traces.” I’m honestly thankful that Super Junior will be coming back with a happy concept rather than with this sobfest, because as much as I like it, I don’t know how many weeks of promotions I could take of “One More Chance.” I’ll look forward to “Black Suit,” whose action concept will surely knock us all out.


ONE MORE CHANCE: KAYBOP OR KAYFLOP? I mean, I’m more likely to cry to this than bop to it. But yeah, bop.


Take a look at Super Junior’s “One More Chance” MV below:

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