The Rose: Like We Used To Review

Rookie indie band The Rose has released another single, “Like We Used To,” and it’s worth checking out. I had somehow missed their August debut “Sorry,” and so I was stopped in my tracks when I heard the opening vocals on “Like We Used To.” Absolutely the best thing about “The Rose” so far is their pure overflowing vocal talent. The two main vocalists’ tones are so similar that I actually had to look up the members’ profile to see whether they were brothers. (They’re not, if you were wondering.) Nearly indistinguishable from one another, the voices of guitarist Woosung and keyboardist Do Joon are both fairly low, but their timbres are incredibly light and delicate. It’s a sound reminiscent of Oh Hyuk but a little fuller, and I can’t get enough of it. I do wish that “Like We Used To” had been a little more acoustic than it is, so that we could hear those gorgeous tones loud and clear throughout the song.

The song itself is good. To be honest, I can’t help but compare it to DAY6 every time I hear it again, and when I do, it doesn’t measure up. Jae of DAY6 himself has promoted “Like We Used To” twice on his Twitter account, and it may be that I’m out of line. But for me, “Like We Used To” sounds like a not-quite-on-par DAY6 imitation. It’s not that The Rose are a self-produced rock band somewhat removed from the K-pop scene, because DAY6 isn’t the only one of those—take CNBLUE for instance, or FTISLAND. It’s that the composition and performance of “Like We Used To” have a striking similarity to many of DAY6’s recent title tracks (just to be clear—the vocals aren’t included in this discussion. The vocals are unique and totally stellar). This isn’t really an issue, honestly, because a group’s early stages do demand some level of crowd pleasing before their fanbase is solid enough for them to carve out their own sound. And in all fairness, “Sorry” was an excellent song—considerably better than “Like We Used To” and in full possession of its own individual sound. “Like We Used To,” while a slight downgrade, is far from a disappointment. Hell, it has those angel vocals, I have no right to be complaining about anything. Sign me up for The Rose, because I’ll be keeping tabs from here on out.




Take a look at The Rose’s “Like We Used To” MV below:

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