VAV: She’s Mine Review

All right, my friends, free to stop sleeping on VAV anytime now. The group is back with a smooth action-movie concept in new song “She’s Mine.” I had been keeping an eye on VAV since hearing their excellent May comeback, and while “She’s Mine” is no “Flower,” this song has everything you want from a K-pop title track: great vocals, great rap, and a wonderful rhythm.

From the first few moments, the verses’ urban beat had my ears perked. It’s percussion-heavy, almost tribal, and impossibly catchy. Arguably the best part of the song is also the simplest: a chorus supplement that only repeats twice, I suppose to avoid boring the listener with its lack of significant vocal melody (“And this girl’s all mine, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah” is less than inspiring, but that beat is so good that it doesn’t need more vocals to fil in the spaces). By comparison, the electronic funk beat that follows in the choruses is unimpressive, although the melody is fuller and the vocals more exciting. Even so, this song did right to include both parts of the chorus, because if either stood alone, their respective lacks would have stood out as flaws. Structured as is, the song provides the listener with more than enough hook.

With such solid tracks as “She’s Mine” and “Flower,” it’s a shame that VAV is still so little-known after two years. You would think that having done such a diverse range of concepts, they’d have been able to appeal to large range of fans, but perhaps it’s that inconsistency in concept that is costing VAV. From the party concept in “Venus” to the odd, pastel “Flower” to the saccharine “ABC” to the slick, suited-up “She’s Mine,” VAV are completely unrecognizable from one music video to the next. I’d love to see them land on one concept and stick with it (can you hear me screaming “FLOWER” in the distance?), because without establishing a brand for themselves, it may be hard for these guys to gain traction.




Take a look at VAV’s “She’s Mine’ MV below:

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