DAY6: All Alone Review

In what looks to be the final installment of their four-title track music video story series, DAY6 has come back with one more sad Every DAY6 song before they wrap up the year-long project next month. November’s Every DAY6, “All Alone,” follows up on the melancholy mood of the past few months’ title tracks with a soft, bittersweet concept. Unsurprisingly, the vocals are divine and the composition is exquisite. The fact that Every DAY6 has not turned stagnant even after so many sad mid-tempo songs in a row is, truly, a testament to their pure creative songwriting talent.

“All Alone” is the most acoustic track we’ve ever heard from DAY6, so you might think “All Alone” would sound more spare than other DAY6 songs, which so consistently fill the instrumental space available to them with layers of rock texture. But the soundscape of “All Alone” is as full as any DAY6 title track. The main vocals are recorded to sound close to the listener, making for an intimate effect, and lush harmonies color in the background along with the acoustic guitar. Uncommon instruments such as a tambourine and a xylophone add a touch of shimmer to the finished product.

The November Every DAY6 B-side, “Pouring,” is also impressive. The composition is bizarre, and when I first heard it, I was reminded of how I felt when I heard “Dance Dance” because I could not get into the melody right away. However, “Pouring” comes together where “Dance Dance” did not for me. The atmosphere of “Pouring” is intended to be slightly chaotic, as the lyrics describe the confusion of realizing that one is in love (“Where am I? Who am I now?”). The subject of the song is lost in sudden feelings of love, and the listener is lost in the melody. In this way the composition reflects the subject’s experience onto the listener. And even given the concept, the composition of “Pouring” is cohesive at the end of the day. The colors of the chords brought together here often contrast, but never clash. Both songs on November’s Every DAY6 single were a success, and my expectations could not be higher for what is sure to be an explosive finale to the project in December.


ALL ALONE: KAYBOP OR KAYFLOP? A gentle but genuine bop.


Take a look at DAY6’s “All Alone” MV below:

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