EXID: DDD Review

After a 7-month wait, EXID has come back with fourth mini-album “Full Moon,” and they’re back to party. Title track “DDD” is a return to EXID’s signature structure after the distinct, mid-tempo “Night Rather than Day” in April, perhaps partly due to member Solji rejoining the group for album recordings after being on hiatus due to health problems. The album was solid, though the lack of variation after the title made the B-sides blend together a bit. And the title has a classic K-pop feel of the kind that you don’t always see lately, which was refreshing to hear.

There were parts of “DDD” that I liked and parts that I didn’t. The core of the hook, “Why don’t you shh, my baby,” is flawlessly crafted, landing on lower notes with faster phrasing for maximum catchiness. This line is the best part of the song, so it’s a massive shame that KBS deemed the lyric unfit for broadcast, citing concerns that the Korean word which translates to “shh” in English, “쉿,” romanized “shwit,” sounds too much like an English swear word. We won’t be getting any “DDD” Music Bank stages with this line as it is, but hopefully EXID did not have to change it too drastically, because the rest of the hook is less, well, less hooking. The slightly disco dance beat isn’t very inspiring, and the drawn-out vocal phrasing is hard to groove to. The verses, however, are more engaging. The highlights, of course, were the recurring “uh-uh-uh-uh” instrumental distortion and LE’s titular “deol, deol, deol, deol”—they give the song an element that’s automatically memorable, the same way the repetition of the song name in past title tracks “Up & Down” and “Ah Yeah” made them stick so easily.

Full group B-side “Too Good to Me” and the solos that follow mostly function within the same electronic-chill sphere, none of them standing out particularly either in a bad or good way. I enjoyed LE and Hani’s song “Weeknd” because of the beat in the EDM hook, as well as the contrast in the two members’ tones which keeps the track interesting, and Hyelin’s ballad had very nice composition. It’s a good album, though I do wish there had been a little more stylistic variety. And it’s definitely nice to have Solji’s anchoring vocals back, though she unfortunately will not be participating in promotions. As her health has reportedly improved greatly, she will hopefully be able to participate in the next EXID comeback in full.


DDD: KAYBOP OR KAYFLOP? Bop, for “Why don’t you shwit, my baby.”


Take a look at EXID’s “DDD” MV below:

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