Suran: Love Story (feat. Crush) Review

I was so, so excited for this collaboration. Crush is a K-R&B legend, and Suran is one of my favorite artists in the industry at the moment. To be honest, I think I was a little bit too hyped for this to drop, because when it did, I was disappointed. It’s not that the song isn’t good. The song, by all technical accounts, is excellent. Crush and Suran’s fluid vocals are a delight to the ears as always. The production, tasteful and sweet, is flawless. The chorus has some nice dynamic changes internally and some pleasant compositional variations from repetition to repetition. In spite of all this, I never felt drawn into the creamy, up-in-the-clouds mood of the song. It felt as if I spent the whole song waiting for something that never came.

The thing about Suran I always anticipate most is her fearless approach to performance. She comes on strong in everything she does. Applied to her unique vocal, that attitude turns every other song she’s ever made, regardless of concept or genre, into a sucker punch. Somehow, a bit of that power is lost in the soft, precise “Love Story.” Suran does have a big vocal moment built into the chorus, but it’s not the big vocals I was missing—it’s the intensity you hear in songs such as “Winter Bird,” “Paradise Go,” or “1+1,” her recent collaboration with Dean. Maybe it’s just that Suran and Crush’s chemistry is different, and so the end result is different. That’s fine, but I’ll continue to look forward to Suran’s next solo project and see where she’s going next.


LOVE STORY: KAYBOP OR KAYFLOP? Mmm…Don’t know what to say right now. It’s a bop, but it’s not a KAYBOP.


Take a look at Suran and Crush’s “Love Story” MV below:

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