Jun. K: A Moving Day Review

Jun. K is back! I repeat: Jun. K is back! The 2PM member and soloist is rapidly turning into a K-R&B legend, and his second mini-album is stacked with evidence of this. “My 20s” features a surprisingly diverse range of artists (Jeon Somi? On a Jun. K song? Who knew?) who lend some variation to an otherwise fairly homogenous EP. The homogeneity of the album does not, however, render it boring, because the production and performance do not allow dullness. Jun. K has this very expressive, engaging vocal delivery, a little like Zion.T but more classic, and it’s on these vocals that the majority of “My 20s” pivots.

Title track “A Moving Day” is an extremely soft, smooth R&B creation that could sweep you away like a boat down a slow river if you’re not alert. As I’ve mentioned, Jun. K’s vocals are always the highlight, but there’s a certain artistry in the beat we hear in “A Moving Day.” As laid-back as it is, it’s also complex. The syncopated construction of the rhythm in the chorus is a delight, and so is the attention to detail in the song’s production—the creative sounds buried deep in the instrumental that help accentuate the mellow beat almost without being noticed.

There’s not a single weak B-side on “My 20s,” and in fact, many of the B-sides are more exciting than the title track. That’s on purpose, of course—“A Moving Day” was written (by Jun. K himself, did I mention?) to be more relaxing than exciting—but you can’t skip the sunshiny-jazz “Honestly,” the lovely “November to February” whose charming melody is made even better by Somi’s harmonization, the crisp (and quite creatively arranged) vocals of Park Ji Min in “Why,” or the absolutely fascinating electro-R&B closing track featuring Double K whose name, “My 20s,” gives the mini-album its title. Jun. K has been among my favorite Korean artists in R&B since “No Shadow” dropped in January, and it’s clear from this comeback that’s not going to change anytime soon.




Take a look at Jun. K’s “A Moving Day” MV below:

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