KISSES: Hope You’re Ruined (feat. Sik-K)

What a lovely debut! Singer KISSES has a very sweet vocal, and what’s more, it sounds like the kind of voice that could be very versatile—though so far she has only put out a couple of subdued, R&B-touched ballads. “Hope You’re Ruined” has enough artistry in itself to stand alone, but it’s made even better by the inclusion of a verse by Sik-K, who seems to have been everywhere lately. Like in all of his other recent collabs, Sik-K lends an urban feel to a track that would otherwise pass as fairly standard pop, and “Hope You’re Ruined” does stand out more because of it.

The highlights of this debut besides the voices of the two collaborating artists are the groovy bass, which features heavily in the instrumental and contributes significantly to the rhythm, and the melody of the song itself, which operates in the small space where catchy and daring intersect. The prechorus and hook especially have this effect of grabbing your attention and sustaining your interest afterwards as well. In fact, the first time I heard this song, I only listened to it once—but going back to it a week and a half later to write this review (so late, I know), I had the most pleasing sensation of recognizing the tune of my favorite parts. I hadn’t listened to the song in several days, and yet, it had stayed with me.

The other song on this release, besides a few altered versions of title track “Hope You’re Ruined,” is a slow ballad with the same things going for it that the title track has: sweet vocals and a sweet melody. I have to say it again: KISSES has a very ear-pleasing voice, and it suits the genre she’s chosen to explore with her debut quite beautifully. I’m looking forward to her future work for sure, and I hope she’s given the opportunity to delve into new styles soon.




Take a look at KISSES’s “Hope You’re Ruined (feat. Sik-K)” MV below:

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