KAYBOP’s 2017 Best of K-pop

As December draws to a close, KAYBOP will be counting down to the end of the year with seven days of celebrations of the year’s best K-pop releases:

December 25: Top 10 Collabs of 2017

December 26: Top 10 Group Debuts of 2017

December 27: Top 10 Choreographies of 2017

December 28: Top 17 B-Sides of 2017

December 29: Top 10 Music Videos of 2017

December 30: Top 17 Singles of 2017

December 31: Top 10 Artists of 2017

I’m excited to share my top picks of the year with you guys and find out what you thought of this year in K-pop!

What are KAYBOP’s criteria for these best-of lists? In all the applicable categories, the rankings are based solely on music quality. Of course, I can’t claim to be an expert nor completely unbiased, but as in all my reviews, I’ve done my best to be objective. Where this should be taken with a grain of salt (or several) is on the Top 10 Collabs list (half of the songs on the list aren’t even technically K-pop), as well as the Top 10 Choreographies and the Top 10 Music Videos (I don’t know anything about dancing or film). These three lists are by no means definitive—they’re just my opinion.

The remaining lists, more to make my life easier than anything else, do not include Japanese releases, unofficial releases, collaborations with artists outside of South Korea, or releases by artists who are not involved in the K-pop industry (i.e. K-indie, K-R&B, K-hip-hop, etc.). Out of respect for Jonghyun’s passing, his solo album which came out in 2017, “Story Op. 2,” will also not be included in rankings for 2017 Best of K-pop.

So there you have it—any other releases are fair game. As always, I’ve researched as much as possible to avoid missing any great releases, but if I leave out something you loved, please do let me know as it may have flown under my radar!


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