Chuu (LOONA): Heart Attack Review

A new member of predebut girl group LOONA has been revealed, and she’s a dynamo. Powerhouse vocalist Chuu’s solo single is very LOONA: it serves to solidify the group’s identity as much as it establishes the newly introduced member’s style. The high-energy title track “Heart Attack” recalls the jazzy side of past songs by other LOONA members, such as “ViViD” or “I’ll Be There,” while the other song on the single, “Girl’s Talk,” sounds like a B-side from LOONA unit Odd Eye Circle’s mini album, the kind of smooth and slightly spacey EDM that you’d hear in a clothing store. As LOONA’s title tracks often do, “Heart Attack” nimbly walks a line between quirky and classy, and it demonstrates Chuu’s capabilities beyond a shadow of a doubt.

As LOONA songs go, “Heart Attack” is among their better ones, though not necessarily their best. Of course, the group has already set the bar (extremely) high for itself. It’s unfair to expect every release to measure up to tracks like “Girl Front” and “Eclipse” (keep in mind, these are all still predebut projects—LOONA have yet to debut as a group). Still, “Heart Attack” is charming and then some. Particularly in the verses, there’s an insistence in the melody that turns commanding when delivered with Chuu’s confidence and vocal power. That commanding presence is the most captivating aspect of “Heart Attack,” though the melody of the hook could have supported it better with more charisma and less cuteness. I also would have liked to see less production obscuring Chuu’s vocal tone, because from what I can tell at this point, she’s got a ton of focus and control that would be nice to hear more clearly.

“Girl’s Talk” is another successful but not especially remarkable B-side from LOONA’s growing cache of them. I’d never skip this song if it came up on shuffle, but I’d never select it specifically either. In a way it’s a little disappointing that such a substantial share of the ladies’ B-sides so far are this unexciting (that’s not to say all of them are—a few are brilliant!). But you could also say we’re lucky that they released the extra material at all. I’ve never seen a group release half this many tracks before debuting, and I’d be thrilled to have the title tracks alone. So in that sense, “Girl’s Talk” and all the other LOONA B-sides up until this point are remarkable, just because they exist. That consistent productivity and determination have certainly set LOONA apart from other predebut efforts, and as always, I’m freaking psyched for whatever they do next.



Take a look at Chuu’s “Heart Attack” MV below:

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