Kriesha Chu: Like Paradise Review

Kriesha Chu of “K-pop Star 6” fame has had her first comeback eight months after her debut last year. The title track should be a knockout—we all know she’s got the vocals, and the song was put together by such big names as Flow Blow and PENTAGON’s Hui, a team we’ve seen unite to produce and compose a number of successful projects recently, among them Wanna One’s “Energetic.” But “Like Paradise” is hardly an improvement on her debut “Trouble.” If anything, it’s a recession, as its vaguely disjointed collection of parts lacks the pop luster brought by the debut track.

My main problem with “Like Paradise” is the beat in the hook. The verses are tedious, but the vocal melody of the chorus has big potential (I want to say that I’m hearing Hui’s funky compositional preferences there), and it could have saved the song if the beat hadn’t been so hollow. As is, the instrumental of “Like Paradise” tries too hard to get on top of that staggered synth EDM trend, and the chorus is leached of momentum. While the other two songs on EP “Dream of Paradise” have a sweeter pop sound that is more suited to Kriesha Chu’s style, neither leaves a memorable impression. It’s a shame because Kriesha’s vocals deserve something much bigger.



Take a look at Kriesha Chu’s “Like Paradise” MV below:

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