Block B: Don’t Leave Review

Block B is back with a repackage of their recent album “Montage,” and title track “Don’t Leave” offers one of those rarer glances into the usually bombastic group’s tender side. All the new songs on “Re:MONTAGE” are, in fact, similarly subdued. The downtempo character of the comeback is a total one-eighty from the dance track “Shall We Dance” and its accompanying entourage of upbeat B-sides. It’s an interesting choice to separate the hype from the chill into two different comebacks rather than including a few fun tracks and a few ballads on both, but in a way, it’s an opportunity for Block B to emphasize their versatility.

“Don’t Leave” is a good song, but it doesn’t have any particularly memorable tricks up its sleeve. The melody is sweet, and well-developed by the multifaceted chorus, but never especially striking. The instrumental is a familiar mix of subdued percussion with piano and guitar—again, nice, but nothing new.  The track’s highlight is the members’ poignant delivery, especially in Zico’s inimitable style as he transitions from rap to singing and P.O’s low, gentle vocals when the instrumental suddenly stills  at the end of the song. Member Jaehyo’s solo “At Last” is a quiet piano ballad, and U-Kwon’s solo, “Everythin’,” is a smooth mid-tempo with a funky flair. Though none of the three songs hit as hard as some Block B tracks have done in the past, it’s nice to see Block B tone things down once in a while and show off their ability to express emotionality.



Take a look at Block B’s “Don’t Leave” MV below:

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