The East Light: Real Man Review

Rock band The East Light, whose members include former Produce 101 trainee Woojin and whose average age famously rounds out at only 16, is back with single album “Real Man.” The title track of the same name has a funky disco sound, introducing a mature concept that represents a total 180 from their brighter, more youthful pop-rock of the past. Suited up and looking spiffy, the group appeals to an older woman, crooning over a funky beat that as they grow older and more handsome, they’ll soon win her heart. It’s a great concept—they’re simultaneously acknowledging that they’re kids, and letting us know not to count them out just because they’re young. It’s without a doubt their best song yet, and I’d love to see them run with the retro sound in the future.

“Real Man” is everything you’d expect it to be from the name: smooth, slick, and totally entertaining. You really can’t help but smile when you hear these guys put their all into it. The composition is solid, from the melodies to the background harmonies. Best of all is the super-catchy second half of the chorus, which features a unique disco-inspired dance sound followed by the irresistibly melodic “Whoa-oh-oh, look at me, I’m a real man.” The vocals are wonderful—their main vocalist sounds like he could be the little brother of HIGHLIGHT’s Yoseob—and the instrumental performances are tons of fun. The case is the same with the other two songs on the single, the high-energy “Don’t Stop” and sweet ballad “Two of Us,” which sound like the purer rock of The East Light’s older songs. It shows that they don’t necessarily intend to incorporate the funky trend into their sound for good, though I also hope this isn’t a one-time thing, as they pulled it off beautifully.



Take a look at The East Light’s “Real Man” MV below:


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