Jimin (AOA): Hey Review

AOA’s Jimin is back another single in collaboration with W magazine for her project “#RTJ (Ready to Jimin).” Delighting fans, the title of the single is a direct reference to what could be called Jimin’s trademark. In that sense, “Hey” feels like the song Jimin’s been waiting to make. The style suits her, and no wonder, because it’s self-written and composed. Even so, it’s far from her best work, which is unfortunate because some parts of the song have potential.

“Hey,” the follow-up to last year’s Latin-flavored “Hallelujah,” has a slightly darker hip-hop sound, reminiscent of HyunA’s “Roll Deep” and “How’s This” days. It’s not as nearly cunningly crafted as the old HyunA bops, but “Hey” has its charms—mainly the rap section in the middle of the song, which incorporates twice as much rhythmic catchiness and stylistic flair as the rest of the song. Jimin’s lively delivery shines on this verse. The hook is lacking something of that catchy flair that was present in the rap, however. “Hey” also skips a bridge into the final chorus, lumping together the second and third refrain. The effect of this is that we keep hearing the same thing over and over again, and it feels as if the song is going on too long even though it actually lasts less than three minutes. Again, it’s not Jimin’s best effort, and I hope that her next solo project takes the good parts of this song and leaves behind the bad.


HEY: KAYBOP OR KAYFLOP? It’s a bit on the line, but I have to go with flop.

Take a look at Jimin’s “Hey” MV below:

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