Kassy: I Want Love Review

Vastly underrated soloist Kassy, who previously appeared on reality show Unpretty Rapstar but has since established herself as a singer, is back with a new song and EP, both named “I Want Love.” The title track takes Kassy’s usually pop-based sound in a new direction with elements of electronica and R&B, even featuring a rap verse—the first time to my knowledge that we’ve heard her rapping on a studio release. Her talents shine on “I Want Love” even more than on past releases, and the rest of the album confirms her solidifying identity as an R&B artist.

“I Want Love” is a bouquet of intricate production and vocal power. Kassy’s unique voice is a definite highlight here, coloring a sense of richness over the track. It’s kind of like the auditory equivalent to the tactile satisfaction of drawing with a heavy felt-tip pen instead of a pencil. Not to be forgotten is the rap verse, where Kassy shows off her capabilities as a multitalented artist. The song itself is deserving of her talent, interweaving numerous contrasting sounds into an intricate structure. The construction of the hook ups the dynamic bit by bit, first with catchy vocal soundbites, then layers of EDM and bass, and finally with a full-blown chorus where the vocals overlap with a violin melody. In other cases, a song that incorporates so many different sounds—strings, piano, EDM—might feel genreless and aimless, but “I Want Love” is more than solid enough to stand alone. It’s groovable at the same time that it’s replayable, and only gets better the more you listen.

While no B-sides on “I Want Love” stand out quite like the title does, it’s definitely worth at least one listen straight through. Featuring heavily on this release is that kind of inventive, R&B-inspired composition that makes you feel like painting a portrait or doing something similarly elegant indoors on a rainy day. “Don’t Forget,” a slow jam with a touch of sweetness, may be the best example of this. Also included on the EP is last year’s single “Listen to This Song,” where her vocals soar in a gorgeous chorus. The album on the whole represents a venture into a slightly more mature concept for Kassy, and she works it as well as anyone.



Take a look at Kassy’s “I Want Love” MV below:

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