Dynamic Duo: Bongjeseon (feat. Suran) Review

Folks, this is THE dream team. Hip-hop pair Dynamic Duo just joined forces with none other than our rising genius Suran to deliver a song with lyrics written by R&B goddess Heize. The digital single, “Bongjeseon,” is everything you’d expect from such a collaboration: pensive, inventive, and polished. The greatest strength of “Bongjeseon” is its keenly developed sense of dynamics. Besides the mechanical clicking sounds that appear throughout most of the instrumental, percussion is largely absent. Without much percussion, there is little variation in rhythm or pace, making for a measured, deliberate atmosphere that’s constant throughout the song. To establish changes in energy without changing the beat, the song employs a complex vocal arrangement, utilizing Suran, Choiza, and Gaekho’s diverse voices to craft a structure driven by distinctive lead vocals and layers of background harmonies. In this way, the song is slow throughout, but the listener still experiences dynamic ups and downs. Refined R&B composition is the finishing touch, washing the track in rainy day colors that complement its fluid texture. Dynamic Duo’s versatility is beyond impressive, and “Bongjeseon” proves their ability to deliver varying flavors of hip hop and R&B after last year’s poignant “Nosedive” as well as countless upbeat tracks of years past. They’ve also been known to put out some strange music videos, and if you like cerebral and slightly disturbing MVs like me, be sure to check this one out.



Take a look at Dynamic Duo’s “Bongjeseon” MV below:


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