Henry: Monster Review

At the beginning of February, Henry of Super Junior fame came back with new single “Monster.” Released in Korean, English, and Chinese, the single is a moody ballad with a spare instrumental and gentle vocals. As songs with zero dynamics go, it’s not bad. The melody, composed by Henry himself, isn’t anything drastically special, but it’s well-written, and the lone echoing electric guitar in the otherwise quiet instrumental has an atmospheric effect. There’s absolutely no difference in energy from verse to chorus to verse, no ups or downs whatsoever, but that’s not the point of this track. “Monster” isn’t the kind of song you’re meant to follow along with—it’s more the type of song you can exist in, peacefully, without focusing your attention on any one facet of it. It’s the difference between relaxing in a bath and going on a roller coaster. While the roller coaster is decidedly more interesting, there’s also something to be said for stillness, if you’re in the right mood. Until then, however, it’s unlikely that this song will be on heavy rotation on anyone’s playlist.


MONSTER: KAYBOP OR KAYFLOP? Ehh. I don’t know. I’m not particularly motivated to decide on this song one way or the other. So, neutral.

Take a look at Henry’s “Monster” MV below:

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