Naeun and Jinsol (APRIL): My Story Review

Girl group APRIL has released a digital unit single, and it’s worth a listen. Members Naeun and Jinsol teamed up for “My Story,” a sugary acoustic-pop mid-tempo. It gets off to a rather boring start with its unremarkable verses, but a well-constructed double hook sweeps in to save the day, delivering a pleasing pattern of strings in the first part and then incorporating distinctively graceful composition in the latter part. If you like sweet slow songs with light vocals in the style of cute girl group concepts, then this song is for you. It’s good to see that APRIL is still being productive despite the difficulties they’ve had gaining traction in the industry, first after the difficult year they had in 2016 between the departure and addition of several different members, and then over the three comebacks they made last year that made some progress but failed to bring the breakout hit they need. Hopefully this coming year will allow the group to reach new heights now that their lineup has reached a point of stability.



Take a look at Naeun and Jinsol’s “April Story” MV below:

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