Hyolyn: To Do List Review

Soloist and former SISTAR member Hyolyn, one of the industry’s favorite power females, is back on the scene with new single “To Do List.” It’s her first comeback since breaking with Starship Entertainment, and the change is apparent. The windswept acoustic ballad, self-produced and handled by the agency she set up herself, starkly contrasts with the summery dance track “Paradise” of the November before last. It looks like that’s exactly Hyolyn’s intent: to show off to her versatility to the highest degree possible. It’s a well-written song—the phrasing trades rigid patterns for fluidity, which adds to the song’s gentle forward movement, and the melodies, while they’re nothing exhilarating, hold solid even after several replays. But the obvious highlight is Hyolyn’s vocal, particularly that versatility that is so important to her identity. Not many vocalists can pull off so many distinct tones, much less with a new and unique flair in each one. All that, and within one song? Her last solo track “Paradise” brought this vocal flexibility as well, but she didn’t always have the chance to show it off in SISTAR tracks, where she only had so many lines in comparison to her own songs where she sings the whole time. That’s my favorite thing about Hyolyn’s solo work so far, and the factor that most distinguishes it from other female soloists. I’m excited to see what concept she’ll make her own next.



Take a look at Hyolyn’s “To Do List” MV below:

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