Yang Yoseop: Star Review

I have to say, HIGHLIGHT member Yang Yoseop’s new prerelease single “Star” is certainly a promising herald of his mini-album that will be released next week. The thing about Yoseob (does it feel a little weird for anyone else to see it written “Yoseop”?) is that his voice is just so astonishingly lovely, anything goes if it has his name on it. Not that this is a bad song—no, no, not at all. The composition (put together by Yoseob himself) is as good as or better than any hit ballad OST. But that’s not the point. The point is his voice. His voice! Not even Kyuhun or Sandeul can always claim this kind of extraordinary control (dare I wake the wrath of the K-pop vocal gods with such a comment? Disclaimer! I’m just really excited about this song!), but Yoseob’s technique is unparalleled. The production, furthermore, highlights that technique magnificently: throughout most of the song, his voice stands alone without echo or layering. Only occasionally do you hear the faintest of tasteful background harmonies that support the melody. That’s not always common in ballads like this, but there is no smarter move when it comes to Yoseob. It gives the listener access to the purity, the sheer cleanness, of his tone—how he finishes off phrases, how he moves between registers, how he bridges intervals seemingly without effort. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next week, because this was a magnificent appetizer ahead of the main course.


STAR: KAYBOP OR KAYFLOP? Bop! Art! Gorgeous!

Take a look at Yoseop’s “Star” MV below:

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