VROMANCE: Star Review

Important! Emergency! This is urgent! Do I have your guys’ attention? Great, because I’m back to shamelessly promote another incredible and incredibly unknown group who just had another incredible comeback. Four-piece vocal group VROMANCE, who remain vastly underrated since their debut in 2016 despite never having a bad comeback, are back again with the lovely “Star.” Though they’re the male counterparts of popular girl group MAMAMOO and debuted not long after, they’ve yet to gain the traction of their labelmates, which is painful to see because they have some of the best ballads in Korea. And if you’re not the type to go in for ballads right away, have no fear—you can’t go wrong with their debut “She,” as fun as it is remarkable (check out the lyrics!), and they have plenty of upbeat B-sides and covers.

But I digress. In regards to “Star,” it’s got VROMANCE written all over it, which is to say, it’s a vocal masterwork. The production is simultaneously more daring and (a tad) less clean than previous title track “I’m Fine,” but “I’m Fine” is, after all, an absolutely pristine ballad that can do no wrong. “Star” is a bit darker than its predecessor, with a gripping triple meter and pathos-filled melodies. The only reason I say that it’s not quite as immaculate as “I’m Fine” is because of the ambitious final chorus, which in its pursuit of drama renders its instrumental the slightest bit muddy. I would have been happy to see the song end on that quietest of quiet moments before the sudden dynamic explosion, that gorgeously subtle vocal flourish before the final chorus bursts in without warning. Or perhaps it might even have worked better with a few more measures of buildup. Regardless, as musical flaws go, this one’s minuscule, and I’m thrilled with the song. I wish “Star” weren’t just a single, but I’m sure that the group will have the chance to come back with a mini-album sometime in the near future.



Take a look at VROMANCE’s “Star” MV below:


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