Weki Meki: La La La Review

Rookie girl group Weki Meki, who gained attention last year for their distinctive girl crush debut and for including former members of Produce 101 season 1’s final girl group I.O.I, have made their first comeback with “La La La,” a conceptual follow-up to “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend.” Like their debut, it imitates hip-hop and blurs the line between rapping and talking while throwing in some punchy vocal moments that give the song some flair but aren’t able to lift it completely out of the chaos that is the track’s production. It’s no fun admitting that a song is a mess, but that’s what we’ve got here. Actually, it starts out all right—the instrumental is less than balanced, but the attitude is there, sassy guitar riff and all. The buildup to the chorus is good too (Yoojung’s rap!) but whatever momentum the song has pulled together in the verses fall apart by the time the chorus hits. The instrumental is so harsh that it even obscures the ladies’ voices. The rest of the mini-album, “Lucky,” is, well, the same. It’s a shame, because the vocal power that peeks out at moments from underneath the heavy curtain of grating percussion makes it clear that these girls deserve better music to perform than they’ve been given thus far.



Take a look at Weki Meki’s “La La La” MV below:

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