WJSN (Cosmic Girls): Dreams Come True Review

Girl group WJSN have returned to the dreamy, elegant concept of their early days with their fourth mini-album, “Dream Your Dream.” Title track “Dreams Come True” commits to this concept. It’s upbeat and elegant, with that classic synthiness that remains at the heart of the K-pop girl group scene even as excursions into the realms of hip-hop and R&B become more common. I will say that “Dreams Come True” doesn’t sound like just any sweet girl group song; its composition does give it a distinctive flavor. The problem is, that distinctiveness is more strange than appealing.

The melodies in “Dreams Come True” are a bit scattered—there’s no natural flow. The bouncy, driving rhythm has some big potential to support a catch and memorable hook, but the melodies don’t follow through. Most (most!) good pop hooks should stick in your head within two listens, but I had to hear this song at least six times before I was able to follow its tune. Despite all this, “Dreams Come True” does have one incredible moment. The atmospheric bridge combines an enchanting vocal melody with strings and dotted synths to create something downright mesmerizing. The brief melody is repeated at the very end of the song, and I wish it had been used more often, perhaps as a supplement to the hook or as a prechorus—it could have helped to tie the song together.

The rest of the album feels very WJSN: heavy on strings and soaring synths, like the title track. I’m not a fan of the staticky percussion that appears on many of these songs, but the composition and performance make them worth the listen. For example, I’d take “Love O’clock” over the title track any day. Its giddy beat and charming composition make you feel like spring is coming. Admittedly, the random Nutcracker sample sounds severely out of place, but I myself plan to ignore it. Where WJSN shines the most is on the delightful “Thawing,” where shimmering verses and a brassy hook incorporate engaging melodies with quirky sound effects, making for the best song on the album. While “Dream Your Dream” isn’t the ladies’ best comeback, I’m happy to see them steering back in the direction of their debut, and look forward to seeing what else 2018 brings them.


DREAMS COME TRUE: KAYBOP OR KAYFLOP? Well…it’s…it’s not that it’s a flop, but it’s not a bop…

Take a look at WJSN’s “Dreams Come True” MV below:

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