iKON: Rubber Band Review

Ah! iKON did it! This song is the sweetest little treat I’ve heard this month! Single “Rubber Band,” the follow-up to January’s album led by “Love Scenario,” didn’t even get a music video, because YG is lazy when it comes to investing in iKON. But “Rubber Band” is where it’s really at. This song, for me, is everything “Love Scenario” wanted to be: fun and laid-back, but melodically and texturally exciting at the same time.

“Love Scenario” had enormous commercial success, and I hope that “Rubber Band” is met with the same enormous enthusiasm by the public, because it’s simply charming. There’s something very strawberry-crème-soda about it: it’s a little bit youthful, a little bit classic, and a whole lot of sweet, with a terrifically fizzy instrumental whose twinkly synths and clicky percussion bounce off one another to create a deliciously bubbly atmosphere. The vocal melody of the hook affords a quaint rhythmic satisfaction, the kind that makes you want to learn the lyrics so you can sing along. As sweet as it is, the song also feels very iKON, between the melodic rapping and the chorus of voices delivering an anthemic “whoa-oh-oh.” I’ll admit, I would have been thrilled to see “Rubber Band” be delayed maybe a month so that it could title another comeback. Still, it’s nice that YG deigned to give iKON another single at all. Hopefully the follow-up isn’t the end of iKON’s activities in this first half of the year, and “Rubber Band” will be included in perhaps a repackage comeback.



You can hear “Rubber Band” on Naver, Apple Music, or other music sites.

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