Minseo: The Grand Dreams Review

Singer Minseo, who gained recognition for her unique liquid-silver vocal as a result of the popularity of a few of her covers, has officially debuted as a soloist with single “The Grand Dreams.” The release is a classic-sounding pop track, rife with bright strings and piano flourishes, and finished off with the occasional trace of jazz visible in its composition. In the verses, this genre crossing allows for gorgeous melodic developments that Minseo’s capable voice handles with supreme elegance. Truly, the verses are beyond lovely. But I’ll admit that the song loses me a bit in the hook. The instrumental loses some of its balance as it fills all available space with sound—not that it’s bad, but it isn’t as texturally pleasing as the instrumental in the verses. And the melody, well, it goes a bit dull. Again, it’s not bad, but it does not do justice to the verses. Still, as debuts go, this is promising either way. I’d listen to trash a few times over if Minseo were singing it, her voice is that pretty. “The Grand Dreams” illustrates a sweet but mature style that suits the vocalist, and I’m excited to see more of that style soon.


THE GRAND DREAMS: KAYBOP OR KAYFLOP? It’s pretty much a bop.

Take a look at Minseo’s “The Grand Dreams” MV below:

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