APRIL: The Blue Bird Review

Girl group APRIL has more or less flown under the radar for the duration of their 3-year career, facing a number of lineup changes and other challenges as they went. Their new title track “The Blue Bird” should be the one to give them a bump. Its sweet, bright sound is perhaps as classically K-pop as girl groups can get these days, and it’s extremely well-constructed besides. Of course, that may be just APRIL’s problem—they’re so classic that they’re, well, typical. Still, for fans of the chirping vocals and sweeping synths that have long been at the core of K-pop’s girl group scene, new mini album “The Blue” is some of the best music we’re going to hear all spring.

“The Blue Bird” is perhaps slightly more mature than APRIL’s past work, and it draws out the ladies’ talent in ways that we don’t always hear from the group. The chorus’s elegant melody demands big vocals, and APRIL delivers. It’s a little reminiscent of the sound GFRIEND is known for. The recurring dance break with its trilling strings is another graceful moment, but even so, traces of the group’s cute concepts remain, such as the sweet sing-talking leading into the chorus. All these hook factors add up to something that has you humming along without knowing it. The rest of the album, while as risk-averse as the title track, is also just as strong on hooks. The racing “Beep” is a personal favorite, with the piping high note in the latter half of the chorus that recalls both a songbird (a blue bird?) and, of course, a beeping noise. All the songs are good ones, and highly recommended listening for anyone who has ever enjoyed any sweet girl group concept.



Take a look at APRIL’s “The Blue Bird” MV below:

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