BIGBANG: Flower Road Review

When it was announced that K-pop kings BIGBANG would be gifting fans with a special thank-you single amid the members’ upcoming military enlistments, I had flashbacks to their previous release, the heartrending final installment in the group’s “MADE” series with title tracks “Fxxk It” and “Last Dance.” It was BIGBANG’s final comeback before their hiatus from the stage, and it was a tear-jerker. Over a year later, BIGBANG has released a track written by G-Dragon and T.O.P. that was recorded back in “MADE” era. We were all more than a little apprehensive. I’m happy to say that “Flower Road” isn’t the bawl-your-eyes-out ballad that “Last Dance” was, but rather a more lighthearted ode to fans that sounds as BIGBANG as any single they’ve ever released.

Ostensibly, “Flower Road” is a love song that promises to “scatter flowers on the path” that the addressee walks upon. While the lyrics occasionally touch on a nostalgic melancholy in reference to a past relationship, the song itself is a cheerful mid-tempo with a jauntily squeaking synth that recurs over a guitar-strumming hook. There are no surprises here—BIGBANG isn’t pushing their brand or expanding their sound. There’s no reason to, of course. What this song does offer is some seriously well-structured composition. It’s marked by melodies whose rhythms stutter just slightly, which has an effect of hesitancy, as if BIGBANG are choosing their words carefully even as they sing them out. The best examples of this are Seungri’s prechorus melody and Taeyang’s bridge, which is repeated after the final chorus, unexpectedly drawing out the end of the song and solidifying its message in a more productive way than a simple hook repetition. “Flower Road” is a wonderful gift from BIGBANG, and I’m glad the group hung onto a song so they could release it later on to sustain fans through their hiatus.



Take a look at the lyrics to “Flower Road” below:


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