SEVENTEEN BSS (BooSeokSoon): Just Do It Review

SEVENTEEN never stop going, do they? Every time you turn around, they’re releasing another album or special music video or unit project. This time, it’s brand-new unit BSS (short for BooSeokSoon, a combination of the three participating members’ birth names) with their single “Just Do It.” Main vocalists Seungkwan and DK team up with main dancer, sub-rapper and vocalist Hoshi to deliver everything you’d expect from a SEVENTEEN unit single called “Just Do It”: a hyper-upbeat ode to self-confidence equipped with stadium guitar, snappy “whoa-oh-oh”s and humorously militant chanting. It’s a rollicking ride, and its attitude feels as quintessentially SEVENTEEN as anything we’ve ever heard from the full group.

The best thing about “Just Do It,” hands down, is the members’ performance. I know I talk about Seungkwan’s vocals in every SEVENTEEN review I write, but the kid’s just such a dynamo. The high note in the prechorus—it’s so effortless. DK’s vocals are magnificent too, though in a different way. My favorite part of the song is the pullback in the bridge, where for a moment the instrumental stills and DK sings “Look up at the blue sky.” The staccato phrasing of the words isn’t necessarily easy to sing with a voice as fluid as his, but his delivery molds the line to his style instead of the other way around. That smoothness contrasts with the stuttering rhythm of the phrase, and the tension between the two extremes contributes to the buildup to Seungkwan’s (other) high note. In a song where the energy is at an almost constant high, moments like this that sustain the energy even while the pace slows are indispensable. And no, I haven’t forgotten about Hoshi, who is probably the biggest reason the energy level manages to get that high in the first place. It’s not just that he has turned out to be a great rapper (is it bizarre that he’s one of my favorite rappers in SEVENTEEN at this point?), but that he has such a sharp sense of performance. His delivery can direct the mood of the song in one direction or another all by itself. Several members of SEVENTEEN have this instinct—I’d even say that it’s what the group is known for—but Hoshi’s really shines on this song. Take his line after the first chorus, “Okay, okay, okay, let’s work even harder for the second verse.” The guy is practically voice acting here. He knows how to put on a fun performance, and that’s exactly what “Just Do It” is. This single confirms that BooSeokSoon are three of the reasons SEVENTEEN has gotten so big despite being from a comparatively small company.


JUST DO IT: KAYBOP OR KAYFLOP? Yep, she’s a bop.

Take a look at BSS’s “Just Do It” special clip below:


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