Yong Junhyung: Sudden Shower (feat. 10cm) Review

March’s hidden gem: HIGHLIGHT member Yong Junhyung’s solo single, “Sudden Shower.” The acoustic mid-tempo features self-written lyrics as well as the sleek vocals of 10cm’s Kwon Jungyeol to complement Junhyung’s characteristic melodic rapping. 10cm’s influence is greatly felt, giving the relaxed track a sense of the lyrical. While Junhyung’s got his share of sweet vocal moments, I’d say that the song peaks in the moments where the two performers are in their element—10cm crooning his way through the translucent, rainy-day tune of the chorus, and Junhyung leaning headfirst into a comfortable flow in the second verse. You’ve also got a subtle melodic development in the final hook that leaves behind the cool closing minor from previous choruses and instead integrates a warmer major chord, with the effect that something has turned from negative to positive over the course of the song. The spring mood is rounded out by the sound of rain and the occasional droplet-like percussive sounds that make you want to sit in a coffee shop while it’s pouring outside and put the single on repeat. “Sudden Shower” is the spring’s most seasonally appropriate single so far, and I hope it doesn’t fly under the radar.



Take a look at Junhyung’s “Sudden Shower” MV below:

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