April 2018 Soft Showers K-pop Playlist

Spring is finally here in all its blooming glory! Enjoy the warmer weather with these sweet K-pop tracks.

1. Baekhyun, Take You Home: We all know EXO’s Baekhyun as a power vocal, but in this sunnily composed SM Station track, he turns up the sweetness with one of his loveliest vocal performances of all time.





















2. SHINee, Dream Girl: Say hello to one of the best K-pop songs of all time! SHINee’s trademark funky touch meets powdered-sugar melodies and velvety vocals in this iconic bop. “Ooh-ooh-ooh-HOO-ooh-ooh”!




















3. Taeyeon, Make Me Love You: If the magic of Taeyeon’s vocals weren’t already enough to secure “MMLY” a spot on this playlist, the spectacularly floral music video certainly takes it the extra mile.


















4. ONF, If We Dream: Give love to rookies ONF, whose 2017 debut album delivered “If We Dream,” a vocal knockout with composition like stepping out from under a raincloud. I raved about this song already in my list of 2017’s best B-sides, but just in case you missed it, “If We Dream” is a miracle. So don’t sleep on it.

















5. SNUPER, It’s Raining: Hi, I’m pushing SNUPER again. They do straight pop better than 90% of today’s K-pop boy groups, and the robust, brass-reinforced “It’s Raining” is the perfect example.
















6. Oh My Girl, Agit: Oh My Girl has always been great at breezy mid-tempos, and this song is one of their best. Charming rhythms and quaint melodies make “Agit” a sweet fit for a bright spring day.














7. IU, The Shower: “The Shower” is one of those songs that reminds you why you love music so much. Its acoustic charm and vocal layering bring to mind bright blossoms and starry lights, proving that IU is the queen of composing moods.












8. NU’EST, Love Paint (Every Afternoon): Ahh, 2016 NU’EST…the light of my life. Sweeping electronic track “Love Paint” features uniquely lively composition and lyrics poetic enough to melt anyone’s heart.










9. ELRIS, We First: Last year’s bright debut by girl group ELRIS didn’t get much attention, perhaps because K-pop is currently saturated with similar concepts. But its clonky synths and catchy melodies make “We First” a can’t-miss.








10. VROMANCE, Flower: It’s impossible not to fall in love with VROMANCE once you hear their vocals, which border on divine bliss in this stunning ballad.






11. Wanna One, Wanna Be (My Baby): Irresistibly youthful and unapologetically exuberant, fan song “Wanna Be” from debut era remains one of Wanna One’s best tracks even two comebacks later.




12. DAY6, I’ll Try: Piano ballad heaven at its very best. And the acappella part? Don’t get me started.



13. BTS, Spring Day: No spring playlist is complete without this song, which embodies the spirit of hope with its gorgeous composition and sincere performances.


Happy spring!

Listen to this playlist on YouTube here.

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