EXID Lady Review

EXID really set out to own the 90s in this comeback, didn’t they? Everything about the concept of new single “Lady” is aggressive, from the grainy music video to the record-skipping noises strewn throughout the song. While there’s always something fun about throwbacks, I don’t know that this one quite works. Everything you associate with western 90s hip-hop is here in full: a shrill horn loop, groovy bass, peppering synths like chimes, even a chant of “come on ladies.” The thing is, “Lady” leans too heavily on its concept. Sure, the song has plenty of great moments: every time LE raps it automatically bops, and a few chanty hooks (“come back to me, back to me, back boy!”) have some punch. And with a structure as multilayered as this one, packed with varied verses and extra bridges, “Lady” has the potential to be a knockout. But when the chorus hits, the song’s momentum slows. Partly, it’s the effect of throwing such huge vocal moments into the buildup, then capping the vocals in the chorus itself at a lower pitch and containing the melody within an interval of like four notes. Mostly, though, it’s just not catchy like past EXID singles such as “Ah Yeah” or “Up and Down.” I hope that we hear more of that trademark EXID catchiness in their next comeback.


LADY: KAYBOP OR KAYFLOP? Floppish, I guess.

Take a look at EXID’s “Lady” MV below:

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