The Boyz: Giddy Up Review

First comeback alert! Rookie group The Boyz, whose December debut track “Boy” outshined every other debut of 2017, are back with just as much polish and even more gleeful energy in the lively “Giddy Up.” If you’re having a bad week, this is the music video you’ll want to check out. The vibrant track hits the funk-pop trend square in the mouth, making similar recent K-pop releases feel like sleeper ballads. You can’t listen to this song without dancing. As I write this, I’m bobbing my own head like a drunk woodpecker while it plays on repeat. While I hesitate to say that the new mini-album, “The Start,” tops the debut album, the infectious pop glory of “Giddy Up” is just the right move for the rookies’ first comeback.

From the moment a giddily spunky bass riff kicks off, the energy of “Giddy Up” is through the roof. While the verses’ youthfully funky vocal melodies are patient, that bass has its own agenda, driving up the energy as it jams out in the background. The prechorus may be a bit slow (I guess because the bass takes a breather), but the lag is compensated for by a massive double-hook refrain. The first part serves up some harmony-tinted vocal power, while the second brings an upbeat, hyper-catchy tune which just might be the peak of the song. You don’t hear hooks like this every day. I mean, you don’t hear hooks like this every month. The members’ stamp of individuality can also be felt in several exciting moments on this song, though it’s only their second album. The group’s main rapper Sunwoo, along with some vocalists (*cough* Kevin! *cough*), has so much style that his part alone is enough to set the whole song apart. This type of star power combined with the production quality we’ve got here are the ingredients to the success of many senior groups with a similarly polished, bright image.

The rest of “The Start” is also pretty impressive, though I’ll admit that I’m not thrilled to see it packed so full of brightly saccharine EDM. In fact, one of the gratifying things about the debut album was that it refused to touch that tired trend. Still, it seems to be a rite of passage that all rookie boy groups have to go through (have I said that before? In the last JBJ review I think?) so let’s go ahead and get it over with. “Just U,” with its sweet tunes and bright rhythms, has a wonderful dynamic structure that bears you along with it in waves, while inventive composition shines on “Back 2 U.” The lack of a ballad is felt on this album (god, I miss “Walkin’ in Time”) but we’ve got plenty of time to expect another one. Of course, if this group’s popularity takes off as it should, we’ll have dozens within a few years. I already can’t wait.



Take a look at The Boyz’ “Giddy Up” MV below:

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