Jeong Jinwoon: Erasing Review

Oh! What is this and how did I almost miss it? Jeong Jinwoon of 2AM is back with a new digital single, and it’s so fluffy! It’s rare to hear breezy throwback rock in K-pop, especially from soloists, but “Erasing” sounds like it was inspired by the Beach Boys. The self-written song describes the freeing feeling of letting go of a dead relationship, but you’d never know it starts from a place of sadness without understanding the lyrics. The upbeat rock sounds and lighthearted melodies make you want to play it while driving with your windows down. The song even closes with an exuberant little saxophone solo which, while I don’t know that it quite gels with the low-fi beach vibe, is infectious. I’d say that the highlight of “Erasing,” however, is Jinwoon’s gentle vocal, which is at its sweetest on the odd little runs strewn throughout the verses. “Erasing” is a bright little fellow, and I’m glad Jinwoon decided to play around with an uncommon genre for this release.



Take a look at Jeong Jinwoon’s “Erasing” MV below:

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