Lee Hongki (FTISLAND) & Yoo Hweseung (N.Flying): Still Love You Review

FNC Entertainment’s two power vocalists, Lee Hongki of FTISLAND and Yoo Hweseung of N.Flying, just collaborated on the most exhilarating vocal performance I’ve heard in months. I don’t know what I was expecting for this duet, but it certainly wasn’t a classic ballad. These guys’ bands are known for rock, so you don’t often hear a vocal showcase from them. Single “Still Love You,” however, is about vocals and vocals only. I mean, the instrumental arrangement’s quite nice, for sure, and the composition has some really lovely moments—the gentle pullback in moments where you’re expecting big drama, the occasionally dissonant piano. Still, this is one of those songs where every other element pales in comparison to the performers’ voices. Lee Hongki’s husky voice is as incredible as always, but the spotlight ends up going to Hweseung, perhaps less well-known as a vocalist but just as capable. It’s Hweseung who gets the heart-jerking “mianhae, mianhae” melody of the chorus, where he toggles between full voice and falsetto like it’s nothing. The high point of the song is, without a doubt, Hweseung’s jaw-dropping run of high notes in the bridge. I would have loved to hear some really wild harmonizing in the final chorus, which would have taken the track to the next level, but regardless “Still Love You” is a vocal triumph. I certainly hope we expect more collabs from FNC artists from new music platform FNC LAB, because this duet was a pleasure.



Take a look at Lee Hongki and Hweseung’s “Still Love You” MV below:

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