VROMANCE: Oh My Season Review

Vocal group VROMANCE just made the most under-the-radar comeback I’ve ever seen take place in K-pop with new song “Oh My Season.” I only caught it because I’ve been on the lookout for these guys and I noticed that they’ve been performing on music shows for the past week, but as far as I can tell, no music video was released, and K-news sites that cater to western audiences haven’t mentioned a peep about it. While sister group MAMAMOO is being promoted relentlessly with title tracks and singles all over the place, VROMANCE seems to have been shuffled aside by their agency Rainbow Bridge World. That hasn’t stopped them from dropping one of THE loveliest spring singles of the season so far.

“Oh My Season” actually reminds me a bit of MAMAMOO’s recent song “Star Wind Flower Sun,” featuring a recurring chord progression that’s similar to the one which dominated the ladies’ March track. It’s a compositional choice that makes melodies feel sweet and fresh, which is probably why we’re hearing it more than once this spring. “Oh My Season,” though, features a much more intricate vocal arrangement that supports the wonderful vocal melodies with subtle harmonies and gentle rhythms. The phrasing of the vocal melody is gorgeous, too, especially towards the end of the refrain, where a single syllable is drawn out over a vacillating two-note melody and followed by the wandering repetition of “oh my season.” Perhaps the sweetest moment in the arrangement, however, is the bridge. One member’s straight high note is met with another member’s multiple-note adlibbing, both of which then cut off a beat before the listener would expect and segue not into the huge vocal drama that is expected to follow, but a hushed moment where the members’ voices reinvent the chorus melody one after the other in what feels like a shapeshifting round. It’s absolutely stunning. VROMANCE’s vocals are, of course, beautiful, though they don’t really rip out the big guns like they have on past singles. For this song, that’s actually a good thing, because it adds to its charm instead of turning it into some dramatic ballad. Everything about this song works in perfect harmony, and I wish RBW had seen fit to promote it just a little better.


OH MY SEASON: KAYBOP OR KAYFLOP? Bop of the highest order!

Watch VROMANCE perform “Oh My Season” live below:

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