IMFACT: The Light Review

IMFACT are one of those boy groups that remain decidedly peripheral despite having had a very successful debut in early 2016 and boasting a stunningly talented roster. Over a year since their last comeback, they’re back with single “The Light,” which everyone has to hear at least twice. I say “twice” because, like most of IMFACT’s music, it’s a little strange—that is to say, it may not be immediately palatable for all listeners, but a bit of patience will be rewarded. I, for one, wasn’t convinced until I’d heard the song a few times, but the quirky dance hook keeps you coming back for more until, boom, you’re addicted. Bottom line, it’s their best track yet, and it’s one of this month’s better songs despite the fact that April has been stacked with solid comebacks by everyone from rookie to veteran groups.

“The Light” is divided into three very distinct parts: verses dominated by the rappers’ idiosyncratic sing-rapping, bridges lit up by incandescent vocals, and a hook that…well, that is hard to describe. It’s one of those hooks that comes this close to not working, racing along at breakneck speed while rapper Ungjae shouts out angry phrases as if he’s shooting off a gun (I’m concerned the guy is going to lose his voice after a week’s worth of music show performances). And just when you think you’ve gotten used to the manic pace, it reverses into a breakdown in its third repetition that feels even weirder than the original hook. It truly almost all falls apart right in that moment, but then snaps back to the earlier pace to end the song, deftly rounding out the dynamic structure. Key to the success of that structure are the vocal bridges, especially the prechoruses where suspenseful composition meets unique performances that make you feel like you’re listening to a BIGBANG prechorus or something. It would’ve been nice to see main vocal Jeup let loose a little more, but I guess it’s difficult to fit more than one high note into a dance track. It looks like we’ll just have to count on IMFACT’s next comeback to deliver a more vocal-heavy song, and I hope it comes sooner rather than later.



Take a look at IMFACT’s “The Light” MV below:

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