The East Light: Are You Okay Review

Teenage rock group The East Light are back with a digital single “Are You Okay,” a morose mid-tempo that moons over a heartbreak through an unconventional combination of acoustic guitar and rap. Three months after the band’s funky jam “Real Man,” the new song feels like a bit of a sleeper. Maybe it’s a filler single to buy time while they prepare more music; maybe it’s an attempt to demonstrate musical diversity or solidify an image change. Maybe the band just felt like doing a ballad. Regardless, I’m not sure “Are You Okay” is the best fit for them. It’s all right—the vocals are clean as always, and there aren’t any serious structural flaws. But coming on the heels of a single like “Real Man,” where sparks were flying from start to finish, “Are You Okay” hardly feels like title track material. Its main problem, as far as I can tell, is its rap-heavy verses. In an acoustic setup like this, you either need strong melodies or some unique trick up your sleeve to stand out. The long rap sections take up space that could have been devoted to developing melody, but aren’t distinctive enough to merit that space. Here’s the thing: The song would have functioned swimmingly as a B-side, but as a title track it leaves zero impression. Considering that the group may be trying to rebrand from the bright, perky image of their debut and move onto something more mature, I guess we can let this one slide. Still, I hope that their next project has more in common with “Real Man” than with “Are You Okay.”



Take a look at The East Light’s “Are You Okay” MV below:

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