Whee In (MAMAMOO): Easy (feat. Sik-K) Review

MAMAMOO must be one of the busiest girl groups in the industry right now. After a double-title track comeback and an additional fan single last month, leader Solar is rolling out a cover series project, vocalist Hwasa has participated in a duet project with rapper Loco, and main vocalist Whee In has now made her solo debut with single “Easy.” The track, a collaboration with rapper Sik-K (isn’t everything a collaboration with Sik-K? Why do I always feel like the guy is everywhere at once? Not that I’m complaining), strikes at the intersection of hip-hop and R&B for a cool mid-tempo jam that aims more for fun than anything else. “Easy” is marked by a happy-go-lucky attitude, present both in the wubbing synths and in Whee In’s playful adlibs throughout the song. That breeziness may make the verses feel like filler at times, in the casual, mild way we sometimes hear from idols solo debuting with R&B that passes right by you without ever catching your attention. But the hook makes it all worth it. Whee In’s vocals shine in any genre, but in the chorus of “Easy” she shows off this breathily velvety texture that is absolutely inimitable. I can’t wait to see more solo music from Whee In, because she can become one of the industry’s top vocalists within a few years if she plays her cards right.


EASY: KAYBOP OR KAYFLOP? Boppity beep boop bop.

Take a look at Whee In’s “Easy (feat. Sik-K)” MV below:

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