TWICE: Dance the Night Away Review

TWICE are back with a repackage of their previous EP and a new title track that invites the listener to “Dance the Night Away.” TWICE title tracks are usually hit or miss, and here we have an example of a miss. The group is known for turning out public-friendly hits at an almost unhealthy rate, and it’s only natural that their midsummer release would be a saccharine party song. Despite the expectations of simplicity that summer comebacks set for girl groups, “Dance the Night Away” is a disappointment.

The song is based around a dance hook, which is as mindless as dance hooks get. But even where vocal melody is present, it falls flat. Leader Jihyo’s big notes are definitely a point in the song’s favor, but they’re not enough to hold up the entire track. I remember waiting for Dahyun’s verse the first time I heard the song and being surprised to hear a clumsy, awkwardly-phrased rap section that lasted two lines. Dahyun did what she could with it, but yikes, it must have been tough to make something catchy out of a rap written like that.

For people who just want fun music to jam out to, “Dance the Night Away” is a banger, and more power to them and it. But if we’re looking at TWICE’s best music, “Dance the Night Away” is far at the bottom of the list. Even the side tracks, which in TWICE’s case usually provide more individuality than their title tracks, have little of substance to offer, though they’re certainly better than the title. “Shot Thru the Heart” and “Chillax” show signs of the life that was packed into the group’s preceding album, “What is Love?” but even these tracks couldn’t hold a candle to songs like “Ho!” or “Dejavu.” I’ll cross my fingers for a more carefully-written song next time TWICE come back, ideally something that shows off their talents instead of hiding them.



Take a look at TWICE’s “Dance the Night Away” MV below:



  1. “TWICE title tracks are usually hit” the actual sentence is more like that since the public was the one to judge whether it’s a hit or not, surprisingly, so far, TWICE is like the only group from this generation GGs, TWICE is the only group which 100% of their titles are all hits. The song isn’t that great, I agree with you. The reason why it’s a hit is like 100% TWICE’s effect, given this song to other groups, it could be a miserable flop.

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