SEVENTEEN: Oh My! Review

It feels like it’s been forever since we saw SEVENTEEN on the K-pop scene, probably since they took a brief break from domestic activity to make a Japanese comeback a few months ago. Given that they’ve been away a little longer than usual, their summer comeback is that much sweeter. And what a comeback it is. Mini album “You Make My Day” features six songs led by title “Oh My!” which I’m going to call, with no hesitation, one of the group’s best title tracks ever. There are few SEVENTEEN title tracks that don’t do it for me—and I know I’m not the only one—but “Oh My!” is on another level. Infectious, endearing, and captivatingly melodic, the bopping mid-tempo offers everything you could expect from a summer comeback and more.

What we’ve got here is an elaborate structure whose parts vary but combine to create a perfectly coherent end product, like a series of patterned puzzle pieces which when assembled form a picture. These days it’s nearing impossible to make an EDM-based instrumental feel this fresh, but SEVENTEEN aptly makes use of their many (well, thirteen) diverse voices to establish an atmosphere that’s ever-changing and light on its feet. Between rap sections, varying beats, and newly introduced vocal melodies, the verses constantly shapeshift around a fantastic chorus that hinges on one key melody. This melody—the titular “Oh my, what do I do about you?” which substitutes new lyrics at regular intervals—has a kind of up-and-down shape that takes the listener over little hills with it, ending on lower, unresolved note that gathers momentum as it leads into the next peak. It’s simple as can be but full of impetus, not to mention pure summery sweetness, and the rest of the melody builds upon it with new energy and some compositional flourish besides.

As exciting as “Oh My!” was for me, I’ll admit to feeling less impressed by the B-sides on “You Make My Day.” There’s a nice fakeout drop on “Moonwalker” and some engaging hook material in “What’s Good,” but other than that, the only moment on the album to which I gravitated after the title track was “Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day,” a kind of bright electronic pop track that gives off ballad vibes despite definitely not being a ballad. “Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day” features an interesting hook whose stuttering vocal melody depends on the whims of the instrumental to move forward, making for a startlingly intriguing texture. It even could have stood to be longer, but we all wish our favorite songs were longer. Then again, I didn’t have that feeling with “Oh My!” because rather than leaving me wanting more, it gave me everything I wanted. That’s one of the things I love about SEVENTEEN’s best title tracks: there’s a sense of nourishment about them, like they’re feeding your soul.


OH MY!: KAYBOP OR KAYFLOP? Bop, bop, bop!

Take a look at SEVENTEEN’s “Oh My!” MV below:

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