Hyolyn: Bae Review

Soloist Hyolyn is back with a brand-new single, and it’s one of the few songs of the season that have set the bar instead of falling short of it. Hyolyn is at her best when producing high-energy summer tracks (“Paradise” remains among K-pop’s best), and “Bae” is a perfect example. There’s a definite throwback element to the song, which pays homage to earlier Korean girl group hits with its buoyant melody and rolling beat. Also reminiscent of older GG summer songs is the vocal style Hyolyn employs in “Bae,” which forgoes her typical powerful notes for a higher, sweeter tone more suited to the song’s refreshing sound. A healthy dose of resounding bass sets “Bae” apart, though, marking it as Hyolyn’s and Hyolyn’s only. The short but gorgeous bridge, whose melody briefly explores new territory, rounds out the upbeat pop track. More gratifying than anything is simply seeing the former SISTAR member active, ensuring her name remains on the list of K-pop’s elite.



Take a look at Hyolyn’s “Bae” MV below:

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