WHAT IS KAYBOP? A blog where I track the development in real-time of K-pop’s inevitable world domination. Here you’ll find reviews of recent K-pop releases that feature a lot of childlike enthusiasm as well as brutal honesty, plus other goodies such as biweekly playlists and thoughts on K-pop news.

WHO AM I? A 22-year-old American music fan currently living outside Philadelphia. Aside from music I like a lot of things, including but not limited to travel, world languages, writing, scary movies, and spicy food. The first K-pop song I ever heard was EXO’s “Monster” and within two weeks I had descended into an alternate and better pop universe. While the choreo, visuals, and memes are impressive, I’m in it for the music.

WHY AM I HERE? Initially, because I needed somewhere to rant for 8 paragraphs about BTS’s hidden track “Sea” being excluded from the official tracklist of “Love Yourself: HER.” If you’re looking for a better reason: I believe in the power of music to bridge gaps of understanding—between people, between places, between cultures—and I wanted to describe the way K-pop is filling those gaps bit by bit. Please keep in mind that I’m not a critic or an expert, I’m just a music lover who knows what works for me and what doesn’t.

HOW CAN I BE CONTACTED? Feel free to tweet or message me at @kaybopsandflops or send me an email at kaybopsandflops@gmail.com—I love to hear feedback and make new friends.